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Make A Promise For Nature

honey-bee-4088799_960_720In 2020, the UK’s National Trust is encouraging the nation to notice nature in their everyday – from looking up at the clouds on the commute to work to planting wildflowers for bees in the garden or window-box, these small nature moments not only help nature but make you feel great too. Recent research from the conservation charity, highlighted that:

  • A fifth of adults say they have never got up early and seen the sun rise
  • A fifth of us say it’s more than a year since we last stopped to look at clouds in the sky
  • 15 % of adults say they have never put out food for wildlife

This leap year the National Trust is asking people to use this extra day and leap into making a promise for nature – #PromiseForNature. It has six inspirational ‘nature promises’ to help you feel like you’re making a difference.

Ideas from The National Trust

  • Reduce food miles/waste/packaging

Why not try: growing your own fruit and veg or maybe helping in a community garden if you don’t have your own, buying produce that’s in season and looking for as many package-free options as possible

  • Reduce energy use

Why not try: using a draught excluder or swapping to energy efficient bulbs and switching off at the plug whenever you can

  • Create homes and healthy habitats for wildlife

Why not try: letting the grass grow, building a bug hotel or even a hedgehog highway and making your own seed balls

  • Help to tackle climate change

Why not try: planting a tree or sponsoring one if you don’t have the space, holidaying in the UK and swapping the car for your bike or public transport

  • Help bees and butterflies to thrive

Why not try: planting pollinator-friendly flowers, building a bee B&B and taking part in the Big Butterfly Count

  • Help keep the seas/rivers clean for wildlife and people

Why not try: taking part in a river/beach clean, using a guppy in your clothes wash to grab microfibres and using natural cleaning products as much as possible


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