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Osprey Matches Sustainability With Innovation

Osprey will feature Hyosung’s new Control Union’s Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certified, 100% recycled Mipan® regen robic high-tenacity nylon in its best-selling, multi-sport Talon/Tempest series, completely redesigned and expanded for Spring 2021.

Hyosung’s regen robic nylon is made with 100% reclaimed waste. According to Mike Simko, Hyosung Global Marketing Director, for every kilo of recycled nylon Hyosung makes, ‘six to seven kilos of CO2 eq. of Global Warming Potential are saved.’ Osprey’s new Talon/Tempest features one of the first commercial uses of this innovative fabric.

Osprey’s Vice President of Product, said, “Supporting technological advancements in recycled materials is critical to busting the myth that recycled materials means reduced performance. Regen recycled high-tenacity nylon allows us to both bring recycled material into our premium Talon/Tempest series while improving its technical performance and durability. We see it as win, win for the end user and the environment.”

Meanwhile, the rethinking of Osprey’s signature Airscape backpanel has been a long-term innovation project coming out of the brand’s Alpha Lab – an advanced concepts team lead by Osprey co-founder, now Director of Innovation, Mike Pfotenhauer.

Erik Hamerschlag, Sr. Product Manager, Osprey Packs, said, “The AlphaLab frees Mike from the constraints of the traditional product cycle so he is able to focus on technical innovations, new production solutions and sustainable initiatives. The all-new Spring 2021 AirSpeed backpanel is a result of the freedom and creative space the AlphaLab affords.”

The new Airscape features an injection-moulded frame sheet with die-cut foam designed to maintain a comfortable and breathable contact surface, flexibility for dynamic movement and improved carry performance. The position of the Airscape channels is dependent on intended usage of the individual packs.

In the case of the Spring 2021 Aether/Ariel series, designed to carry heavy loads, the horizontal plane channels prevent barrelling under a full load to ensure consistent fit and optimal stability while vertical planes follow the contours of the back preventing collapse under heavy loads. By contrast, the Spring 2021 Talon/Tempest series, designed for fast and light pursuits, features horizontal channels to allow flex in the vertical plane while staying flat horizontally.

From a production point of view, the injection moulding process reduces plastic waste to near zero. This was a critical consideration in the development process of the new backpanel by moving Osprey closer still to its goal of becoming ‘the most progressive, transparent and sustainable hardgoods brand in the world through chemistry, materials and CSR.’

From raw materials and chemistry benchmarks to progressive factory code of conduct agreements and programs that extend a product’s end of life, Osprey is taking a truly holistic approach by looking at every aspect of business to ensure as little trace as possible is left.

The new Airscape backpanel debuts with the Spring 2021 Talon/Tempest series, available February 2021, and the Spring 2021 Aether/Ariel series available in October 2020.

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