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PrimaLoft Cross Core Series – More Warmth, Less Weight

Whilst the product names become longer and more tortuous, the function of PrimaLoft performance polyester microfibre insulation products is clear – warmth and comfort. The new PrimaLoft Cross Core Series combines existing PrimaLoft materials with new technologies; initial products are fused with Aerogel, used by NASA scientists in aeronautical applications. It must be really exciting to work in PrimaLoft’s R&D department. Maybe that’s the whole company?

PrimaLoft will introducing three new products featuring this technological breakthrough: PrimaLoft Gold Insulation with Cross Core Technology, PrimaLoft Gold Insulation Hi-Loft Ultra with Cross Core Technology and the loose fill PrimaLoft Silver Insulation ThermoPlume with Cross Core Technology.

Jochen Lagemann, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Europe & Asia., commented,

We always try to push the boundaries of material science and the PrimaLoft Cross Core series represents a significant advancement in our technological capabilities. With this revolutionary fusion of multiple PrimaLoft technologies, we are able to create products with an advanced level of warmth, comfort and protection that’s higher than ever before. The enthusiastic response in customer adoptions shows that this is the kind of product the market needs right now.”

Originally developed by NASA for use in aeronautical applications, silica Aerogel is a highly porous, low-density structure that forms a temperature barrier which locks out cold and heat. Amazingly, Aerogel is composed of more than 95% air, is the lightest solid material known and one of the most effective insulation materials. PrimaLoft engineers have found a unique way to integrate Aerogel material into specific fibres, allowing PrimaLoft to develop apparel insulation built to withstand the extreme challenges of outdoor garments.

Without going into each development in detail, the process is clear here. PrimaLoft Gold Insulation with Cross Core Technology fuses PrimaLoft Gold Insulation with Aerogel lightweight thermal protection technology to reach previously unattainable levels of warmth, in a variety of conditions. PrimaLoft Gold Insulation with Cross Core Technology is claimed to provide up to 52% more warmth for the same weight, compared to PrimaLoft Gold Insulation. It also contains 35% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content.

Dynafit’s new FT Insulation Jacket

Sibylle Egele, product manager at Dynafit, noted, “For our products we are always looking for materials with a minimum of weight. Our new FT Insulation Jacket is definitely our warmest PrimaLoft product in the range. With PrimaLoft Gold Insulation Hi-Loft Ultra with Cross Core Technology we could not only imitate the warmth of natural down, but also the look and feel.”

For the winter season 2019/20, many brands have already adopted PrimaLoft Cross Core technology in their collections, including 4F, 8848, adidas originals, Aigle, Bergans, Dainese, Dynafit, ESKA, Halti, Johaug, La Sportiva, Lundhags, Maloja, Martini, Montane, Mountain Hardwear, Norröna, Peak Performance, Ping, POC, Quiksilver, Reusch, Roeckl, Stellar Equipment and Swix.

2 comments on “PrimaLoft Cross Core Series – More Warmth, Less Weight

  1. Nick Anderson says:

    Pity you did not gave this kit for your trip to Iceland.


    1. John Traynor says:

      5oz pu-coated ‘waterproofs’ and Aran sweaters – we survived.


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