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DAV, Mountain Tours And Coronavirus

PIC 1. DAV and Hans Herbig

Credit: DAV/Hans Herbig

Despite the summer holiday mood and Corona containment measures easing, the pandemic situation should not be forgotten in the mountains of Germany and Austria as the risk of infection must be kept to a minimum. The DAV (German Alpine Club) makes these recommendations:

  • Plan well: Choose tours carefully in advance; avoid the most popular hotspots if possible.
  • Be considerate: This starts with parking and does not end on the mountain. Please use designated parking spaces and observe parking bans! Consideration towards others on the mountain make memorable mountain experiences possible for everyone. And consideration for nature should also be taken for granted in Corona times.
  • Careful hiking and mountaineering: More people than usual are drawn to the mountains. As a result, accidents are increasing and the mountain guard has to make many deployments. At the same time, rescue operations are currently much more complex due to coronal factors. Tours below individuals’ performance level are therefore currently useful.
  • Keep your distance: This applies on the mountain as well as in the valley. On hiking trails this usually works quite well; here and there, short waiting times or minor evasive manoeuvres are necessary. In huts, the rules of the respective country and the measures that the management explains to guests apply.
Verhaltensregeln Corona auf Hütten, Fotoshooting Priener Hütte

In huts, the rules of the respective country and the measures that the management explains to guests apply. Credit: DAV/Hauke Bendt

Since May, mountain huts have been reopening gradually. Many high mountain huts have also opened but, depending on the country, under more or less strict rules. These points apply to everyone:

  • Book: If you want to stay in a hut, you have to make a reservation. Spontaneous overnight stays are not possible because the managers have to ensure the regular occupancy of their rooms and facilities.
  • Packing list: The luggage that hut guests have to bring with them is a bit more extensive this year. Many huts, for example, require guests to have their own sleeping bag and bed linen with them. What is required in individual cases should be checked at the time of booking or inquired with the hut staff. A general overview of important equipment is provided in the packing list for hut nights.
  • Follow rules: Each hut is different and therefore the implementation of the general Corona rules will also look different. Hut keepers will advise about the respective house rules at the reception on site; for example, one-way traffic or the use of washrooms.
PIC 3. DAV--Hans Herbig

Keeping your distance applies in the mountains as well as in the valley. Credit: DAV/Hans Herbig

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